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Mark and Matthew were born in Rimini

and started singing live when they were still very young.
They have lived their adolescence in the romagna coast, they jumped immediately in the world of clubs, art, shows, and music.
At the age of 17 they started working as dancers for the queen of Italian dance music:
Neja. Whit her dancers they start touring in Europe for 3 seasons , participating at even at Festivalbar

and at "Un Disco per l'estate" (that Neja wins in 1999 with a song called "The Game"). These elements cultivated in their teenage and the passion for foreign languages, their trips abroad and the costumes, have been the principal key for their adulthood.
From a simple passion, they started to study, to research and to work as vocalist, animators and singers in some of the most famous night clubs in northern italy. Soon after this, their exhibitionism and grit that they show takes them to work at one of the most famous and exclusive night club in Italy:"Les Folies de Pigalle" where they work for different seasons under the artistic direction of Giuliano Bavutti until 2009 when
Diego Longobardi, artistic director of Muccassassina (the fantastic Friday night roman party, that is one of the most important disco party but also thank to all the important characters, International Djs, events, parties is a real phenomenon in our country) notice them and takes them in his cast.
So now on begins their period of professional growth, being in contact with the magic nights of Muccassassina reality, where the disco is not just a fun place, but also a meeting of music, culture, theater and show. They never leave the studies of song  and the research of improvement, as twins they propose a good mix of creativity and exhibitionism (Mark) and professionalism and inventiveness (Matthew).
They cooperate even like speakers at a five episodes satirical news program called Maurea on internet  Streaming .
Their growth and animation improves: with  always more changes in their look and interpretations.
Full of creativity and inventiveness  they write the storyboard and the post production of photo books, they design their costumes and the create their look.This website is completely created by them just like the marketing campaign for advertising it.

And this is just the beginning...


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